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An Exceptional "I do"

Sudwala Weddings

Weddings at Sudwala Lodge are exceptional and striking with the magnificent view of the Mankelekele Mountain on the one side and the picturesque sight of the Houtbosloop River on the other.

An Exclusive Affair

Sudwala Weddings

A wedding at Sudwala Lodge is an exclusive event – we do not host multiple weddings over the same weekend but rather believe that every bridal couple needs special and individual attention.

Unique Outdoor Chapel

Sudwala Weddings

Nothing is quite as special as having a wedding ceremony in the great outdoors – especially when the outdoors is in the picturesque Mpumalanga countryside. Sudwala Lodge's Chapel is under an expanse of treetop canopies and on the banks of the Houtbosloop River.

Magnificent Nature Backdrop

Sudwala Weddings

The spectacular natural surrounds that Sudwala Lodge is famous for, offers the best backdrop for wedding pictures. With the majestic Mankelekele Mountain, the Houtbosloop River and the massive trees, the photo opportunities are endless and unrivalled!

Unique Reception

Sudwala Weddings

The wooden floors and woodwork of the Pavilion offer the bridal couple a blank canvas to create the wedding of their dreams. So whether you prefer a vintage, rustic or bohemian look, Sudwala will assist you in bringing your vision to life.

Bridal Suite

Sudwala Weddings

The Bridal Suite is situated at the River Suites (A-Block) and on the banks of the Houtbosloop River, with a view of the Mountain and the crystal clear waters of the Resort pool. The Bridal Suite is the perfect, cosy, romantic unit for the bridal couple to enjoy their stay.

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