Grotto's Treats and Takeaway

Grotto’s Treats and Takeaway

Grotto welcomes families at his Shop and Takeaway with a big smile on his dial and a range of tasty treats. This Shop and Takeaway is set in a family-friendly environment where you can enjoy scrumptious meals like a juicy burger, a pizza (oozing with warm melted cheese), a delectable toasty or order one of Grotto’s special baskets filled with goodies which will be delivered to be enjoyed in the comfort of your Chalet. An absolute crowd-pleaser and must-try is Grotto's classic Brekkie Bun!

Oops... did you forget the wood and firelighters?! No need to fret, Grotto’s Treats has got you covered. Grotto’s colourful convenience shop stocks all those “oops-I-forgot-items” and so much more! Experience it for yourself; we sell meat hampers, wine, yummy treats, ice, cold drinks, a large variety of toiletries and also Resort-made goodies!

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Sudwala Experience
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Sudwala Experience

We’re sure you have taken notice of this cute little guy at the Resort or possibly on Facebook; and even spotted his elusive family once or twice. Grotto has been our mascot for some time now and we thought it would be appropriate to give you more information on him. So, here are the facts:
Classification: Homo Habilis
Resides: In the Sudwala Caves, of course!
Height: He’s short, about 3.5ft short – but don’t say it to his face!
Weight: 32kg
Shoe size: Shoes? None fit.

Kindly take note of the following:

*A limited menu is available at Grotto's Treats.
*Grotto's Treats and Takeaway will be open from Monday to Sunday, 08h00 to 18h00. Selected snacks, cold drinks and takeaways are available.
* In terms of the current regulations, all guests are requested to wear a mask in public areas at all times.
* Sanitisation stations and sufficient hand washing facilities have been made available for use throughout the Lodge. We strongly recommend that guests keep their hands clean and refrain from touching public surfaces.

Sudwala Experience

We sell Ice's arctic in here. It's because... Grotto is selling ice! Fill up that refreshing holiday drink or sundowner with our 'cooler than cool' ice.

Sudwala Experience

Meat Hampers Available

Feeling 'lus' for a true South African braai? Did you know that Grotto is selling meat hampers in his shop? Well, why not grab some refreshments and a meat hamper for tonight's braai?

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